This change log lists the most recent changes to the Visma Fivaldi API interfaces. You can see a description of the API interfaces in Visma Fivaldi API Resources. The descriptions are in separate articles in the same folder as this article. You can also find the technical details of the interfaces in the OpenAPI documentation.

If you wish to see what other changes were made during an update, you can find all change descriptions in the Fivaldi release notes.


  • An error was fixed in the POST/companies/{cuid}/estate-person/persons/{id}/updatePersonAllFields endpoint. The situation when 500 Internal Server Error came when additionalInformation was null was corrected.
  • The following fields were added to the ExternalCompanyLotResponseDTO schema: 
    • rentPeriod - Rent period (Vuokra-aika) 
    • rentEndingYear - When the rent time is ending (Vuokra-ajan päättymisvuosi) 
    • rentInspectionGrounds - Basis for rent inspection (Vuokran tarkistusperuste) 
    • rentSum - Annual rent amount (Vuosivuokra) 
    • owner - Owner of the rent lot (Vuokratontin omistaja) 
    • companyType - Company type (Yhtiön tyyppi) 
      • Asunto-osakeyhtiö (Apartment housing Company)
      • Vuokrataloyhtiö (Rental Housing Company)
  • The balanceCode data can now be null in the VoucherEntryRequest schema.
  • A new endpoint GET/companies/{cuid}/estate-payment-types/payment-types for getting data on the Fivaldi payment types was created. With the endpoint, you can get the following data:
    • name - Name of the payment type (Maksulajin nimi) 
    • paymentTypeId - Number of the payment type (Maksulajin numero) 
    • consumptionType - Consumption type of the payment type (Maksulajin kulutuslaji) 
    • unit - Unit of the payment type (Maksulajin yksikkö) 
    • kpAccount - Account number (Tulotilin numero) 
    • kpAccountName - Account name (Tulotilin selite) 
    • incomingEarningAccount - Account number (Siirtosaamistilin numero)
    • incomingEarningAccountName - Account name (Siirtosaamistilin selite)
    • incomingDepthAccount - Account number (Siirtovelkatilin numero)
    • incomingDepthAccountName - Account name (Siirtovelkatilin selite)
    • dimension1 - Dimension 1 number (Seurantakohde 1)
    • dimension2 - Dimension 2 name (Seurantakohde 2)
    • dimension3 - Dimension 3 (Seurantakohde 3)
    • dimension4 - Dimension 4 (Seurantakohde 4)
    • convergencePriority - Priority of the payment type (Kohdistusprioriteetti)
    • validityMonths - When the payment type is valid (Voimassaolokuukaudet)
    • true - Payment type is valid (voimassa)
    • false - Payment type not valid (ei voimassa)
    • priceInfos - Price information of the payment type (Maksulajin hintatiedot)
    • beginDate - Begin date of the payment type (Alkukuukausi)
    • vatPrice - Price of the payment type (A-hinta)
    • multiplier - Multiplier of the payment type (Kerroin)


  • External API endpoints do not allow calls to locked Fivaldi environments anymore. If you attempt to call a locked environment, you will get a response 403 - Forbidden Http status.
  • The operation of the POST/companies/{cuid}/purchases/invoices/{invoiceId}/approve endpoint has been improved. Now when you approve a purchase invoice through the endpoint, the files attached to the invoice will be immediately stored in Fivaldi archive in the correct document type.


  • An error was fixed in the GET/companies/{cuid}/bookkeeping/vouchers/{voucherNumber} endpoint. The endpoint returned 500 Internal Server Error, if the voucher did not have a date. Now the endpoint returns a normal response with an empty date field.
  • An error was fixed in the GET/companies/{cuid}/bookkeeping/vouchers/{voucherNumber} endpoint. The call did not function correctly if the voucher had data on dimension levels that were not in use in the company. Now data is returned also on those levels.
  • An error was fixed in the GET/companies/{cuid}/bookkeeping/vouchers/{voucherNumber} and GET/companies/{cuid}/bookkeeping/vouchers/ endpoints. The calls did not function correctly if there were letters in the account number field. Now the calls function correctly also in these cases.
  • An error was fixed in the POST/companies/{cuid}/sales/sales-order endpoint. The call did not create a sales order if a sales order row was made with totalSumIncludingTax, but with a quantity of 0. Now Fivaldi will provide an understandable error message in these cases.


  • You can now get the external customer id (externalId) through the GET/companies/{cuid}/customers endpoint.


  • A new endpoint GET/companies/{cuid}/products/getProduct for retrieving all information for one product in the Product register was created. It is recommended to use this endpoint instead of the older GET/companies/{cuid}/products/{id}, as this new endpoint can be used when the productCode has special characters.


  • You can now get information on whether there has been an electronic registration of ownership for an apartment in the HTJ (Huoneistotietojärjestelmä). The new data element is electronicRegistrationOfOwnership. The affected endpoints are:
    • GET/companies/{cuid}/estate-apartment/apartments
    • GET/companies/{cuid}/estate-apartment/apartments/{id}


  • A new endpoint POST/companies/{cuid}/chart-of-accounts/dimensions for importing new accounts (seurantakohde) for dimensions (seurantakohdetaso) to a Fivaldi chart of accounts was created.


  • An error was fixed in the POST/sales/sales-order endpoint. The validation for the postingGroupId parameter was earlier set to exactly 10 digits, which is the normal requirement in Fivaldi. In some cases the ID is saved without leading zeros, and Fivaldi now also accepts these posting group ID's.


  • An error was fixed in the estate apartment endpoints, where the endpoints returned an error if HTJ purpose data for the apartment was missing. Now the endpoints return data normally even without HTJ purpose information. The affected endpoints are:
    • GET/estate-apartment/apartments
    • GET/estate-apartment/apartments/{id}
  • An error was fixed in the estate rent ledger endpoints, where the endpoints did not return the data on receivables and prepayments correctly. The affected endpoints are:
    • GET/estate-rent-ledger/getReceivablesAndPrepayments/apartments/{apartment-id}
    • GET/estate-rent-ledger/getReceivablesAndPrepayments/{reference-number}
    • GET/estate-rent-ledger/getReceivablesAndPrepayments/persons/{person-id}


  • New bookkeeping endpoints for retrieving and posting budgets were created. The endpoints in question are:
    • GET/companies/{cuid}/bookkeeping/budget
    • POST/companies/{cuid}/bookkeeping/budget
  • A new endpoint GET/companies/{cuid}/estate-meter/meter-readings/apartments/{apartment-id} for retrieving all meters and their readings for a single apartment was created.
  • New data related to the HTJ (Huoneistotietojärjestelmä) uses was included in the responses of the estate mangement endpoints GET/companies/{cuid}/estate-apartment/apartments and GET/companies/{cuid}/estate-apartment/apartments/{id}:
    • managementTargetType gives the HTJ management target type.
    • purposedUse gives the HTJ purpose of use for the apartment.
    • otherPurposedUseDescription gives a description, if the purpose of use is Other. 
  • New parameters were added to the GET/companies/{cuid}/purchases/invoices endpoint. With the new parameters, you can retrieve purchase invoices that were created or changed before a certain time. The new parameters are:
    • createTimeBefore
    • changeTimeBefore
  • An error was fixed in the product register endpoints, where Creating or updating the Finnish description of a product was not possible. The affected endpoints are
    • POST/companies/{cuid}/products/createProductDescription
    • POST/companies/{cuid}/products/updateProductDescriptionAllFields
  • An error was fixed in the purchase invoice endpoints, where the value "0" could not be defined for the dimensions of an invoice row (bookkeepingDimension1, etc.). The affected endpoints are:
    • POST/companies/{cuid}/purchases/invoices/{invoiceId}/rows
    • PATCH/companies/{cuid}/purchases/invoices/{invoiceId}/rows/{rowId}
    • PUT/companies/{cuid}/purchases/invoices/{invoiceId}/rows/{rowId}


  • New endpoints for retrieving receivables and prepayments in estate management were created. With the endpoints, you can retrieve the sums of receivables and prepayments based on:
    • Apartment ID: GET/companies/{cuid}/estate-rent-ledger/getReceivablesAndPrepayments/apartments/{apartment-id}
    • Bond reference number: GET/companies/{cuid}/estate-rent-ledger/getReceivablesAndPrepayments/{reference-number}
    • Person ID: GET/companies/{cuid}/estate-rent-ledger/getReceivablesAndPrepayments/persons/{person-id} 
  • New data was included in the reponse of the GET/companies/{cuid}/estate-person/persons/{id} endpoint.
    • workPhoneNumber gives you the work phone number of the person in question.
    • homePhoneNumber gives you the home phone number of the person in question.


  • New data was included in the response of the GET/companies/{cuid}/estate-meter/meters endpoint. The  new externalMeterId field gives you the external ID of the meter in question.
  • New data was included in the response of the GET/companies/{cuid}/bookkeeping/vouchers endpoint.
    • accountName provides the name of the bookkeeping account of the voucher
    • vatAccountName and vatAccount2Name provide the names of the VAT accounts of the voucher
    • dimension1Name, dimension2Name, dimension3Name and dimension4Name provide the names of the dimensions of the voucher


  • An error in the GET/companies/{cuid}/bookkeeping/vouchers endpoint was fixed.  In certain situations, all appropriate vouchers were not received when the endDate parameter was used. Now the parameter works as intended.
  • The performance of the POST/companies/{cuid}/bookkeeping/vouchers endpoint was improved.  Now the endpoint works faster also with thousands of voucher entries.


  • The API responses for the Customer register, Product Register and Sales orders resources provide more detail when the request is not according to the API documentation. In the response you can see which field was not according to specifications and how.
  • An error in the POST/companies/{cuid}/bookkeeping/vouchers/addAttachments endpoint was fixed. In certain situations, posting attachments was not possible earlier. This change was made to the Fivaldi API on 22.9.2022.


  • A new endpoint GET/customer/api/companies/{CUID}/bookkeeping/monthStatus?startMonth={alkukausi}&endMonth={loppukausi} was created. With the endpoint you can get information on whether the bookkeeping periods within the given timeframe are open or closed.  
  • New data was included in the response of the GET/companies/{cuid}/estate-bond/bond-paymenttypes endpoint. In the response you now also get the payment type name and the basis for amount name. 
  • A new parameter was added to the GET/companies/{cuid}/purchases/invoices endpoint. The new fetchAllChangeTimes parameter can be used to get changed invoices regardless on which invoice information has changed.


  • The operation of the Estate preferences resource was optimized. Now the API call takes significantly less time to process.


  • The type of the mortgages field in the GET/companies/{cuid}/estate-preferences/housingCompanyDetails endpoint was changed to BigDecimal.
  • The field securityRestriction was added to the responses of the GET/companies/{cuid}/estate-person/persons/{id} and GET/companies/{cuid}/estate-person/persons endpoints. The field gives you information on whether the person has an active non-disclosure for personal safety.


  • New data was added to the responses of the following endpoints:
    • GET/companies/{cuid}/estate-person/persons/{id} (sending group and default sending method)
    • GET/companies/{cuid}/estate-bond/bond-paymenttypes (basis for amount name)
    • GET/companies/{cuid}/estate-apartment/apartments/{apartment-id}/bonds (bond ID)
    • GET/companies/{cuid}/estate-preferences/housingCompanyDetails (building ID, lot ID, and share series ID)
  • An error in the POST/companies/{cuid}/estate-person/persons/{id}/updatePersonAllFields endpoint was fixed. In some situations, the error prevented updating person data if the additional information field was empty.
  • The endpoint POST/companies/{cuid}/bookkeeping/vouchers was changed to post only one voucher at a time.
  • A new value AUTO was added to the parameter vatTYPE of the endpoint POST/companies/{cuid}/bookkeeping/vouchers.
  • An error in the value check for the Sales orders endpoints was fixed. Earlier, you could post addresses and names to Fivaldi that were too long. This prevented saving the data in the Fivaldi database. Now the endpoints validate the length of the fields.


  • A new value isDeleted was added to the response of the GET/companies/{cuid}/bookkeeping/vouchers endpoint. The value tells you whether the voucher is active or deleted in Fivaldi.


  • A new endpoint POST/companies/{cuid}/bookkeeping/vouchers/addAttachments was created. With the endpoint, you can add attachments to vouchers in Fivaldi.
  • A new endpoint GET/companies/{cuid}/bookkeeping/vouchers/attachments was created. With the endpoint, you can get the attachments of vouchers in Fivaldi.
  • An error was fixed in the Estate API resource. Earlier the vendor information was incorrect in some cases, if a common register was in use.

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