In most cases, the integration logic is built by the Integration partners and taking an existing integration in use is very easy. Information about existing integrations can be found in the Fivaldi Marketplace. Once you have agreed with the integration partner to take in use the service, it usually requires only setting the relevant permissions in the Fivaldi administration tool (palvelunhallinta).

Please note that the cost of usage of the Fivaldi API is according to the price list.

In case you wish to build a custom made integration only for your use, please contact us at and we will guide you through the process. Technically a custom made integration is built using the same functionality as is used by the Integration partners, but it won't be published in Fivaldi Marketplace.

Setting permissions for Partner account user

To enable usage of the Fivaldi API, the administrator user of Fivaldi customer must grant necessary permissions for the Partner account user for the companies that will use the integration. This is done in Fivaldi administration tool (Palvelunhallinta - Kumppanikäyttäjät). See also the instructions including required permissions for each different integration here (in Finnish).

  1. Select the Partner account for which you want to grant access to.
  2. Select the company for which you want to grant access to the selected Partner account.
  3. Select the permission levels needed for the integration.

(see the Resource descriptions for required access levels for each method).

  1. Remember to save the new permissions.

If permissions are needed for multiple companies, repeat steps 2 and 3 above.

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